Narges Mohammadi

'The feeding hands' in collaboration with Natalia Nikoniuk

- an edible reflection on why we 'used to eat with our hands.

When I was a kid, a spoon was a woman, fork was a man and the knife - a genderless, beautiful 'in-between.' Over time they simply became tools that feed me; the boats that carry food from the plate into my mouth.

But, do I really need them?

This Sunday we will merge with our meal and see what it's like when the fork, the knife and the spoon return to their imaginary human selves.

Tune in during dinner time for a conversation about utensils and civilization, accompanied by some expanded eating - an aesthetic feast in beige.

Sourdough bread platter, with homemade hummus with caramelized onion, cucumber and cherrytomato granish, halvah dessert bowl with one cashewnut, dried fruits and almonds.